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Keynote Speakers Dr Chris Adendorff
2nd NMMU Construction Management Conference

Dr Chris Adendorff


Chris is the Adjunct Professor at the NMMU Business School and MD of Alfresco.

Prof. Adendorff has been a business entrepreneur since 1985 and along with his Architect wife Gillian, built up a family business to such degree that they are currently active both nationally and internationally and also owner manage their own family businesses. His highest qualifications include a PhD in Commerce degree which he obtained from Rhodes University in 2004, an M.Commerce also obtained from Rhodes in 2002, a MPhill (Cum-Laude) in Future Studies obtained from Stellenbosch in 2010. 

Further qualifications also include a Certificate in Family Business Advising from Boston (USA) and an Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching obtained from the Institute for Life Coaching (UK). Prof. Adendorff is currently complementing his academic and entrepreneurial careers with a DBA degree in Future Research Studies at NMMU Business School. He has a passion for the management of family owned businesses and in particular future studies, scenario and strategic planning, future governance and turnaround strategies. He is also lecturing, promoting and researching Future Studies, Family Businesses, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management and Research Methodology at the NMMU Business School and Construction Management Department. 

To date, Prof. Adendorff has written a book on Governance for Immigrant Entrepreneurs and published various articles in national and international Journals on Family Business, Technological Entrepreneurship, Culture, Governance, Future Studies, Strategic Management, Demographics, Systems Management and Turnaround Strategies. He further serves on the Editorial Boards of the International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (UK), the International Journal of Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, (USA), as well as Inderscience Publishers Ltd (UK). 

Amongst other affiliations, Prof. Adendorff is also an Associate Researcher at NMMU Business School, the Department of Construction Management at NMMU, member of the Family Firm Institute (USA), a Fellow of FFI (USA), Family Business Network (UK), International Family Enterprise Research Association (IFERA), Development Consultants for Africa, Future Trends Network (USA), Future in Review (UN), Global Foresight (USA), International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy(USA), International Network of Socio-Eco Entrepreneurs (INSE), International Scenario, Future and Strategy Group (USA), Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics Practitioners Global Network (USA), The Philosophy Network (UK) the Turnaround Association of South Africa, the World Future Society of South Africa and also served as a Committee Member on the Design Educators Forum of South Africa (DEFSA) and various other non-profit organisations in South Africa

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